How to avoid stress during exams

Hello everyone!

We’ve all been in that particular situation where we just want to rip our hair from our heads because of these nightmares we call exams.
 Not just the fear of failing causes this stress but also the fear of the disappointed faces you face and the stress your family and friends put on you as if you’ll bring honor.
That’s why the majority of us are in the same circle of stressing.
How to avoid it? well some of these helped me get over some stress but it’s still rooted there.
1-Be positive: I know it’s hard to be positive in this kind of situation but don’t bring negative thoughts to your brain like “what if I fail my exams?” or “my life will get ruined if I fail”.
2- Don’t press yourself: you’re probably one of the people over doing themselves just because this exam is 50 percent your grade doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in your room all week and study, just take small breaks, watch tv for 10 min max or walk around the house. Pressing will only cause in headaches and will not help the information seep into your brain.
3- It’s not the end of the world: even if you fail don’t crawl in a ball and cry just know there’s always a second chance to prove yourself and who knows maybe you’ll do even better.
4- Share your feelings: bottling all the stress will only increase the possibility of breaking down during an exam so why don’t you share what you are feeling about these exams with your friends, if they’re the same grade they’ll understand and in sort of a way that’ll comfort you, trust me.
5- Deep breaths: or in another way meditating is also helpful in getting rid of stress since it focuses on clearing your mind, taking deep breaths if you feel obnoxious during the exam will be also helpful.
That was it! I hope these tips were some kind of helpful, I tried to be original and not steal from other websites, that explains why they are a bit simple and crappy.

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