I ♥ ramadan tag

Hello Everyone!

So you may know from my last post ITS RAMADAN! (you: calm down woman) and lemme tell you it’s pretty difficult to fast for over 17 hours daily, but after all ramadan is a blessed month when good deeds are necessary and as we Algerians call it the month of mercy.

If you are not a muslim and don’t know what ramadan is you can check this if you want since I’m a horrible explainer.

Anyways since it’s ramadan and all it’ll be appropriate to do a tag, I think I’ve never done a tag before, but hey! there’s a first time for everything.

The tag is called: I heart ramdan

Question 1: When do you start getting excited for ramadan?
I geniunely get excited for ramdan months before it starts and I annoy my family with “when is ramdan going to start?” and my history search gets full of “when is ramdan 2016?”

Question 2: What is your favorite ramdan memory?
One time I was fasting ramadan at my grandmother’s (may allah be merciful to her) and after iftaar I go out with my cousins and the neighbors there to play hide and seek in the dark, it was truly amazing.

Question 3: Does your family have any ramdan tradition?
Well we are used to eat my mother’s hrira which is the best one I’ve ever eaten even though I dislike hrira and after iftaar the whole family goes to pray ishaa and taraweeh in the masjid, we are totally #familygoals

Question 4: What is your favorite ramadan food?
Obviously bourak aside with les chaussons and don’t forget about ghribiya that’s like heaven in your mouth.

Question 5:When you’re fasting in the day, do you think about food?
I’m not going to lie I think about food but I try not to think about it but it gets difficult in the last hour or two since the food aroma starts filling the house (and it’s doing it as I’m writing this)

Question 6:Besides water and dates what do you break your fast with?
Hmm maybe bourak and hrira or a salad it depends on what’s on the table.

Question7: What do you eat for suhoor?
I used to not wake up for suhoor but these days I just eat some cereal

Question 8: What is your least favorite thing about ramadan?
I hate that when you have young siblings or cousins around they usually eat and drink infront of you no matter how many times you tell them not to

Question 9: One thing that makes you the happiest in ramadan.
I’d probably say when the whole family sits around the table to eat which is something that doesn’t happen on a normal day at least for my family.

Question 10: One tip that you can give to people that are fasting.
Since we have a lot of free time in ramadan you should fill it with ibadah instead of playing video games or watching Tv and trust me you will forget all about your hunger.

And that’s it! the ramdan tag is complete!

And yes I know that I was a little too late to do this but hey! it’s still ramadan so it’s okay.

Now it’s your turn to tell me how do you spend your ramadan days? do you sleep allday? browse the internet all day? tell me in the comments below. Bye!


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