My anime list (✪‿✪)ノ

Hello everyone!

I’m going to ask you THE MOST important question you’ve ever been questioned in your entire life.

Do you watch anime?

If yes then welcome my otaku friend to my blog, feel free to read whenever you want.

If no then get out of my blog and don’t you dare step a foot in my blog (jk please follow me and read my posts)

But since most of the people are otakus I wanted to do a list of the animes I recommend you to watch, without further due let’s starto:

1- Hunter X Hunter: this anime was my childhood (I’m talking about the 1999 version not the 2011 one, that version sucked) I recommend this anime to all of the people who love over-power, magic and good plots.

2- Detective Conan: I’m still watching Detective conan since IT NEVER ENDS although I don’t want it to end, this anime is legendary and if you are a fan of crime and mystery then I definitely recommend this one.

3- Naruto: When I was young I wanted to become a ninja just because of this anime, I guess dream don’t really change, I loved this anime because of the amazing combination of Naruto’s, sasuke’s and sakora’s personalities and I personally recommend to every single person on the planet.

4- One piece: My brother used to watch this all the time and I now understood why he did, the careless personality of Luffy just shows you that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and what I liked about also the daily adventures and the power of the devil fruits just adds a fun twist to the anime.

5- ao no exorcist: This is one of the recent animes I watched and not old ones like I mentioned before, I loved this anime because of Rin’s humour and I think you already know why I like this anime judging by the others that I picked.

Me sceaming in the background: POWERRRRRRRR!!!!

(Look how adorable L is in this picture)

6- Death note: This is the most popular anime although I didn’t watch it I’m going to as soon as I finish hunter X hunter. I like this anime because it resembles Detective Conan but in a twisty way, I’m trying really hard to avoid spoilers but I already know SPOILER ALERT: L is going to die. Damn you tumblr!

7- The devil is a part-timer: I think this anime is perfect for me because it contains humour, everyday life with a bit of action, it’s on my watching list for this summer and I’m so excited.

8-  Dragon ball z: THIS IS MY CHILDHOOOD (imagine that in the this is sparta scene)
it’s one of those classic legendary animes you grew up watching, and there’s many episodes to satisfy your anime desire, and to the people who still didn’t watch dragon ball z, what are you doing with your life?

9-Lucky star: this is one of the random every-day-life type of anime, it doesn’t follow a specific plot which why a lot of people don’t find an intrest in watching it, but I gave it a try and surprisingly it’s really funny because of the different personalities of the girls I think you should give it a try.

10-Lovely complex: I think this is the first romantic anime I’ve ever watched, plus it has an intresting plot since most girls in animes are shorter than the boy but in this anime it’s completely the opposite, you should know by now  that I don’t choose a boring plot.

So there you go!  the list of the animes I do not love but adore, if you’re an otaku like me comment below your favorite anime(s) and why do you watch them. And I’ll see you in the newt post Byyeee

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