Beach day.

Hello everyone!

So I know I haven’t been posting this month, it’s because summer is here and that means vacations and that means no internet DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN.
Yes people I’m going to live without internet for probably two weeks but don’t worry after I come back I’ll post loads of posts and updates for you guys because I won’t be a lazy ass and I’ll try to think of ideas for you guys because I love pizza.

Anyways in my week-ish visit to my aunt’s house, we (me and my cousins) went to the beach, it was a small one, definitely not the best and it had rocks but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
So you may have noticed I’ve recently wore the hijab (no there’s no hijab story since it’s kind of boring) and I was swimming with a burkini (look it up) and some un-religious man with tattoos told me to take off my hijab because we’re at the ‘beach’ and I was seriously thank god I didn’t say anything and just said a simple “no”.
Anyways tell me guys if you went to the beach recently and if you live beside it I’m already packing and coming to you. Byeeee

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