Obsession with k-pop

Hello everyone!

So if you’ve noticed from my music taste blog post (psst! click here to read it) that I’m not the kind of person to listen to pop music, I despise the light beat and the high-pitched voices while I prefer something heavy and badass-ish like rock or punk rock.
But I’ve recently fell into the hellhole I call k-pop AGAIN, yes I’ve been into k-pop before because of the fine brothers, and fell in love but then I stopped listening to it idk maybe because I couldn’t enjoy it since I don’t speak Korean and couldn’t understand what they’re saying. 
BUT, I fell for it again and it went like this:
1- It’s been a while since I listened to k-pop especially BTS, hmm let’s watch their newest song FIRE. (ended up dancing like a mad woman around my room)
2- ooh what’s this? my mom and sis dance to BTS FIRE let’s watch it.
3- ooh they watched her cover, let’s see their reaction.
4- you know I kind of forgot their names and everything about them let’s look them up (which resulted in this)
5- I watched all their songs from “boy in luv” to “I NEED U” to “DOPE” and got addicted.
6-you know I want to know their personalities so let’s look up “BTS funny moments” (resulted in this)
7- I … can’t … stop … watching
8- now I even consider buying their merch and I’ve NEVER bought merch before not even from fob.
9- hey let’s look up other groups like BTS, oooh what’s this? big bang, got7?
and that’s how I got addicted.
Help me. #savedee

Now to opinions about k-pop:
1- I’m addicted to BTS I don’t know there’s something captivating about them maybe the dancing or the amazing singing.
2- I’ve noticed that the girl groups have this sexy or cute style while the boy groups have this dope style which is kinda cool and tbh I was disappointed there are some groups like 4minute (who are disbanding btw ;_;) and 2NE1 but still.
Let me know in the comments below if you’re a fan of k-pop and BTS, and if so who’s your bias? (mine is V)  and if you’re not a fan of k-pop than DONT DO IT, RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK.

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