What I packed for a trip

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time huh? …sorry I ‘enter generic excuse’ okay okay it’s just sometimes I’m not inspired and I don’t want to bore you guys with ‘I passed my exams’ or ‘I’m studying’ because that’s literally what’s happening in my life but now it’s spring break *pops confetti* my family planned a mini trip to Gharadaia it’s a beautiful place with a mesmerizing sahara (African desert), I promise to upload some pics later on.
LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED (calm down your tits woman)
1- Gadgets:
first thing is I made sure I have my phone with me because the drive there is quite boring so I can play some games or listen to music, and of course my headphones and charger.
2- Clothes:
I chose 5 or 6 essential pieces to create a capsule wardrobe and save up space because I’m literally taking a small backpack with me.
I chose: a basic grey long-sleeved top, a black maxi skirt, an oversized denim jacket, red flannel, black skinny jeans, black tank top, grey hijab, plain black hijab.
protip: I always choose random stuff that suit the weather and then wear only two items, so I’ve found that planning outfits with minimal items is much better to me and my poor smol backpack.
3-Hygiene and makeup:
I took a some deodorant so I wouldn’t smell like a sloth, a lip balm and mascara, also this really cute small bottle of perfume that my friend gave me (thank youu) and of course I took undergarments with me don’t start bashing ._.
I think that’s all I need, simple see? I’m surprised I didn’t start stressing over what to bring like usual wow I’m developing next time you see me teleport or something.
Anyways I’ll see in the next post with pictures of our beautiful sahara and me covered in sand.

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